Safety & Insurance

All our horses carry insurance - however, you are responsible for your own holiday and riding insurance. ( A policy to cover supervised hacking will normally be sufficient )

We do not provide safety hats but you should provide your own. We recommend you wear riding breeches and boots on your holiday, bring a hat (for the sun) and plenty of sun cream!

We provide a basic first aid kit on our rides and have basic first aid training, plus a safety vehicle within range, and of course mobile communications whilst we are in the saddle.

All our guests should have a reasonable standard of fitness.

Our ranch is an officially regulated and licensed riding establishment in Spain.

We do not offer riding on the beach. Riding any horse on any beach in Spain is strictly prohibited by law at any time of the year (and to do so may prejudice insurance)

Importance of Travel Insurance
Travel Insurance is obligatory for all of our riders. You should ensure that it covers horse riding (supervised hacking within Europe). If you are unsure, obtain written confirmation from your insurance company. Read and check the policy to make sure that it gives you the level of cover you need (some companies for example will not give you cover in a private hospital if a public hospital is available !). You should make sure that the insurance covers you for the period of your stay here with us and it should cover at least: medical costs/ injury/ death/ repatriation/ cancellation/ curtailment.

We reserve the right to prevent you from riding if you do not have appropiate insurance.